Wow…I’ve not had this much difficulty with any other release of Cubase. So far with v6, I’ve crashed several times while in the edit screen of The Grand SE. At first it would not even load any of its models. It would crash each time I tried to. Just trying to load some of the new instruments is causing crashes. Just now, I had The Grand SE edit screen up and one instance of HalionOne SE loaded. I tried to load the trial version of HalionOne and Cubase is now unresponsive. If it’s like before it will stay that way until I use task manager to shut it down. I’ve had 5-6 crashes in the last half-hour. What a downer. The feature list had me very pumped about this release. I’m glad I didn’t uninstall v5.

I should also add that I have every plugin made by Waves…version 8…in case it matters.
And that the whole machine is less responsive when C6 is active. Even the mouse is less responsive.
Also, even the CPU fan increases it’s speed when C6 is running…Wow!


Could you please send us an Email with the crash log ? Please send the Email to info (at) steinberg (dot) de



Hi Chris,
Forgive my ingorance, but where do I find that file?

do a search on your C:\ drive at the Steinberg Root folder (under Program Files) for a file called crashlog.txt (can’t remember exact location)


I did a search of my entire C:\ drive and there is no file called “crashlog”…with a txt suffix or any other for that matter…Hmm

Hmm indeed… :confused:

Sorry, then I don’t know what you could try