So I bought Cubase Artist 6 in January
Got the free update to Cubase Artist 6.5
I believe there was a patch to 6.5.2.
Everythings fine.

Last week I decided to upgrade to version 6.5.
It now says I have Cubase 6.5.2, Which I believe is strange yes?

I’m having crashes when closing the program.
It’s also performing strangely which i’ve only noticed since the upgrade to the full 6.5.2
Guitar rig 5 or VST windows in general go black and unresponsive,but sometimes come back to life.
My keyboard is uselsss. Space bar no longer plays, I can’t click anywhere in the window to select anything though the menus in the cubase bar work (File,Audio etc etc)
The transport buttons on my CI2+ interface still operate cubase correctly in most situations
After this I try to close it down and start again but it refuses to close properly.
I only tend to use Native Instruments plugins and StevenSlateDrums.

Windows 7 64bit
Intel i7 920 2.66ghz
6 gig corsair dominator ram
ATI 5450
Intel x25 SSD
Creative GamerXtreme Soundcard
Steinberg CI2+ interface
Rig Kontrol Interface

You’ll have to forgive me but when I spend nearly £500 on some software I do expect it to be much more stable than this.
Any ideas to whats causing it and where to go for a solution?

You’re going to hate this, but have you tried trashing your preferences? If that doesn’t fix it you have more serious problems.

When you say trashing the preferences do you mean resetting hot keys and UI preferences and such like?
To do this would it just be a case of “reset to default” or is it a bit more sinister than this?

Not exactly. Here:

If that does not work (hopefully it will) your next option will be to find you LOG file and send it to the tech support team. More about that here:[keyword_search]=Crash

I would definitely trash your prefs first. There really are some great articles in the knowledge base. :wink:

Hard to tell what exactly you have installed from your post but 6.5.2 was for artist only so if you have installed this onto C6.5 that could explain your problems.