It happens quite often that when I want to open one of my project files, Dorico crashes (progress on 75%) so that I must restart Dorico. Then, when opening the same file again, it does open. What could be a logical expanation? It’s the same file, the same Dorico, no difference whatsoever.
I’m only using HALion Sonic SE.

Unfortunately we have seen this kind of crash occasionally, but only on a very few computers. Would you mind providing the crash dumps for us? The instructions for how to ensure you get crash dumps can be found here, under the question, “Dorico is crashing. What do I do?”


Immediately after a crash I zipped up the crashdump file. It seems like it only happens when loading the first file after starting up the PC.
The application.log file will not zip, nor is the extension ‘log’ allowed, so I opened it in wordpad and zipped it as .txt

Hope you can make something out of it. (1.19 KB) (324 KB)

Thanks for the dumps. This crash is one of the harder to reproduce ones that we have come across; it appears to affect only a small number of users, but to date we have been unable to figure out the underlying cause or provide any mitigation against it. We continue to look into it. I can only apologise for the inconvenience caused in the meantime.

Thanks for the elaborate answer. In the meantime I just have to start up twice occasionaly. I think it might has something to do with the audio engine. There has been other software crashing initialy and after a while (and a number of updates), problems usually disappear. That’s when I think it’s probably not my only one specific set up.
I’m using RME’s Hammerfall DSP.