Crashing 5.1.1 update - home made solution

Hi there

As noted in other topics, N5 update crashes on opening here on W7 64 and N5 32 bit. I found my own solution

disclaimer: I`m not reversing anything here. The software is free to download and i´m not analyzing anything in the update code:

download and install Uniextract: (its free :
download latest 5.1.1 update.
Uniextract installs as Win shell extension so right click update and “Extract here”
Look in “AutoPlay” and then in “Docs” for the proper .msi installers.

Hope this helps

P.S Dear Mods, please remove this post if I am violating anything, but on the other end the updater just doesnt work.



Oh my god, a “cracked” Nuendo Update. POLICE !!! :laughing:


It’s not!. :blush: But this way I could install it!

Hi there,

Could not get this to work. Found the file: Nuendo_Patch_511_x64 for our W7 64 bit system but what next? Click on the file and an error message comes up saying the upgrade path cannot be installed as the program may be missing.
What have I missed?

Did you install the little program uniextract?.

yep, followed your steps including the uniextract install, in fact that’s how I got to the Nuendo_Patch_511_x64 file.

sorry it doesn’t work
On my system I couldn’t run the updater. After extract the .msp patcher worked. :confused:

So where is the .msp patcher? (not really following you here!)

When you extract the updater it should make “Nuendo update…” folder, then couple of files inside, one of them is AutoPlay folder. Inside it there must be “Docs” folder and a file Nuendo_Patch_511 ( x64).msp. And also NEK updater

There is. I have the file but when I double click on it I receive and error message:

“The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer Service because the program to be upgraded may be missing or the upgrade patch may upgrade a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch”

What did you do?

I knew it was me. I was trying to install the 64 bit upgrade. It’s confusing because we are using W7 64 bit with N5 32 bit and I thought the installer was for W7 64 bit but in fact it is for N5 64 bit. Get it?

Did it work ?

YES and thanks for the post.

Head in hands…