Crashing after freeze

Plenty of crashing after freezing. I thought it was more common after freezing a VST instrument, but it’s been happening here with just simple edits on a vocal track with Auto tune inserted.


Could you share a crash dump file, please?

Hi Martin.

In the next few days I’ll be doing a bunch of editing and freezing. I’ll keep you posted to see if it’s still happening after the last update.


Still crashing after freezing Spectrasonics Keyscape. It’s happened the whole day after doing edits then freeze.

I’ve found that I can freeze a few instruments in the open project, but when I close the project Nuendo crashes


Could you share the crash dump file, please?

Hi Martin,
Nuendo doesn’t seem to be able to unload RAM when closing the project after big instruments are used. It just hangs and doesn’t create a crash dump file. I physically have to close Nuendo in the task manager. This has been happening randomly over the last couple of days, but the last crash dump file created was on 7th of November.

I’m including the last 3 files - not sure if it’ll help.

Nuendo 64bit 2018.9.3 9.08.dmp (996 KB)
Nuendo 64bit 2018.9.8 16.08.dmp (933 KB)
Nuendo 64bit 2018.11.7 6.03.dmp (838 KB)

PS - the lock-up I’ve literally just had wasn’t after a freeze. I was just editing two Keyscape keyboards and closed the project without freezing and Nuendo locked up…

No crash dump file created


The crash is in FabFilter Pro.

Thanks for the info Martin, but there are no crash dump files for what’s happening here. I’m just editing at the moment before mixing. I don’t have Fab Filter Pro running in this project.


Are you really sure the plug-in has not been never used in the project? Does the project come from a Template by any chance? Do you use any 3rd part VST hosts like NI Komplete Kontrol, or NI Machine…?

Btw, it looks somehow similar to this (unused plug-in crashes after freeze).

Yes, it has been used, but has been removed (sometimes you have export quick Works-In-Progress :smiley: )
No, no templates with any Fab Filter stuff
No, I do have NI, but not using Komplete Kontrol or Machine.

It seems to be the Spectrasonics stuff. Some of the pianos in Keyscape are big. Also, they say they don’t support ASIO guard.

When the lock-up happens I can see in the Task Manager that Nuendo (unresponsive) is still hanging on to RAM…sometimes 8gig worth. It’s really weird, because it’s intermittent - happens about 75% of the time, but not always.

Martin, thank you so much for your time!!!


The crash was really in FabFilter. So I would say FabFilter wasn’t removed properly (completely) and later it crashed.

Thanks Martin!


Could you try this approach, please?

Thanks Martin, I will do and report back!