Crashing after full license purchase and update

Hello - I’m not sure if this should be a public forum topic, but Dorico has crashed on me a few times lately, so I was hoping to get some help figuring out why. I haven’t noticed anything in particular causing the crashes - they seem to be “out of the blue.” I just recently finished my trial period and bought a full license of Dorico Pro and installed the latest maintenance update at the same time, so perhaps that’s related? It wasn’t crashing before. I also just added a 12th flow to a file for a large chamber orchestra, so that could have something to do with it as well? I’m attaching my diagnostic report. Thanks in advance, and let me know if there’s a better way to go about working through these sorts of issues.
Dorico (2.6 MB)

Thanks, the diagnostics report is just the right way. It contains 3 crash files of Dorico. Daniel will soon have a look at it and come up with more advice. A little more patience please.

Thank you!

Thanks for providing your diagnostics. All three of the crash logs show the same stack, but it’s not one that I’ve seen before. Are you able to reproduce the problem at will? If so, please do send me the project and the steps you need to take to reproduce the crash. In the meantime, I’ll pass the logs on to the developer with the best knowledge for this area of the code and see what he makes of them.

Unfortunately, no, there doesn’t seem to be any specific action consistently causing the crashes. I remember one of them happened right after I moved the caret from a non-percussion staff to a percussion staff. It played the sound of the percussion instrument and then crashed. Another time it happened right as I saved the project. I can’t remember what happened the other times. It crashed again once right after I posted my initial message, but I’ve been using it quite a bit this weekend and it hasn’t crashed since then. Thanks for looking into it!

Thanks, that’s helpful to know. I’ll see if your recollections trigger any ideas in my colleague’s head!

In case some internaut stumbles across this, I’ll conclude the topic by saying that I reported this issue over the weekend, had the above exchange shortly thereafter, and when I got up Monday morning, the Dorico team had figured out my problem and written a fix. Mr. Spreadbury sent me a private message with the fix attached. I installed it and Dorico has not crashed since. To say that I’m impressed with the team’s response would be an understatement.

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