Crashing and freezing

I have Steinberg Cubase Elements 10.5.20
It is quite useless. Good while it works but keeps freezinf and crashing with various errors. SOmeties says licence error. Sometime when I open it it says I do not have a licence even though I have. Somtimes freezes when trying to close.
Has come completely unusable. :frowning: Tried cleaning up eLincecer and re-installing eLicnecer and Cubse itself but still the same problem.
I keep writing to Steinberg Support but they NEVER respond.
If anyone has had the same issues and can help, please let me know.

My cubase Elements 10.5 wouldn’t even load. Apparently some of the stuff I was to use was trials only. After removing a bunch of VST’s, Cubase loaded again. It’s impossible to know what software comes with Elements package as the download manager shows all addons Stenberg offers.

Cubase software is genius level stuff, but if catastrophic crashes are the best way to protect their digital files, they have underestimated it’s effect. I wasted an entire day trying to figure out why my Elements wouldn’t load.