Crashing at Device Setup

Got new Bluetooth headphones, they worked… but then they didn’t.

I made the aggregate output in Audio/MIDI settings, but Dorico crashes when I change the audio in Device Setup.

I went back to my usual output (a USB audio interface) and now Dorico is crashing in when switching to that device.

This happens even when no VSTs are loaded (on the “Silent” playback template).

Thanks for your advice!

But you can still launch Dorico, right? Then please choose from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

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Thanks @Ulf

Yes, I can launch Dorico. Diagnostic attached (however this is after successfully launching Dorico without crash… does it still contain the information you need?

Dorico (1.7 MB)

Just looked in the Zip file… there’s so much in here! Is there a resource to learn how to read crash reports to self-diagnose problems?

I did find a workaround, which is to choose the audio device before opening my file.
So the crash (endless spinning wheel, need to force quit) only happens when switching audio devices with a file open.

Generally speaking you can’t interpret crash reports for software developed by other people, because the symbols (the human-readable names of the data structures, objects, variables etc.) are removed during compilation. When a developer comes to look at a crash dump from their software, they have to map the memory addresses shown from the stack in the dump file back to the source code. Without the symbols file from the original compilation, it’s not practical to interpret crash dumps. Even with the names of the symbols that’s generally not enough to know exactly what’s going on – you also need to examine the stack in the debugger so that you can see what was happening at the time of the crash.


Hi Alex,
the diagnostics also contain logs of the last 10 runs, but I somehow can’t match it with the crash and hang files. So to me it does not appear that your issue has something to do with the audio driver changing, but I also can’t say for sure.
So can you please induce the hanging once more and write down the time when it happened. And also post a new diangostics report, please. Thanks