Crashing at every action

I can open Cubase 10 but when I do any action (add audio tracks, add VCA, etc) Cubase 10 crashes.

I’ve tried to reset Preferences, reset the color scheme, update eLicenser soft, upgrade OSX Sierra to High Sierra, and tried on two mac computers. The same result, crashes every time.

Any help?

Crash in my Mac Book Pro where I have always used Cubase until 9.5 (Cubase 10 crashes when create new tracks, insert plugins and other actions):

Crash in my Mac Pro where I have never used Cubase [clean install](Cubase 10 seems to freeze when it loads “VST Transit”):

I suggest a complete re-install. I don’t know how you do it on Apple but I solved most of my issues by doing a complete re-install. I even deleted all the folders manually.


Could you attach a crash file, please?

Isn’t an explanation in this article? Could you check your preferences, please?

I’ve attached 2 video licks and a screen capture to my initial post.

I tried to install Cubase 10 in my Mac Pro where I never installed any Cubase, but Cubase 10 freeze at startup when shows “VST Transit”


Could you just remove the component (if you don’t need it)?

Try updating your eLicense control center, seems to solve some issues which revolve aroud Cubase 10 crashing or not loading.

Where is that component?

I already updated the software on my two computers.

System/Library/Application Support, Steinberg/Components/vsttransit.bundle and vsttransitcore.bundle.

I just removed those two components. Now Cubase freeze when shows “VST Connect SE”.
Before removing them Cubase passed “VST Connect SE”.

Then my guess is, it doesn’t freeze on the VST Transit, or VST Connect, in fact. I would guess it does freeze on the component, which is loaded after VST Transit, but it freezes before Cubase shows it on the screen, so you can’t see it.