crashing bar repeat regions

Is this expected behavior that I have to resolve with system breaks or should Dorico do this automatically?
There are no breaks or adjustments of any kind on this page.

This is how it looks like before I delete the notes:

When I create system breaks before I delete the notes and then delete the notes, I get this:

I hoped to get an equally spread out bar repeat region as at the start of the piece, but cannot get it done. Any ideas?

Dealt with on Facebook. For anybody that stumbles upon this in future, the solution was (approximately)

“Your last note in bar 46 probably has “ends voice” turned on in the properties panel, meaning that there are no rests in bar 47 onwards. Without rests (even ones that are hidden by bar repeat regions), Dorico doesn’t know how to space the barline - each bar is 0 beats long.”

Actually, it’s “Starts Voice” switched on at the last note that gives this problem.
Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 08.02.24.png

Hence “the solution was (approximately)”.
The point is you had no active voice.