Crashing instead of opening certain parts or switching to galley view (full score only)

Hi. I’m working on an orchestra score and having a problem with Dorico crashing when I try to open the violin 1, violin 2, or viola parts or attempt to view the full score in galley view (the rest of the parts will open and will switch to galley view and back with no trouble).

Here is the diagnostic report: Dorico (1.2 MB)

I was working in Dorico 3 on a 13" 2015 MacBook Pro at the time this began happening. I had successfully added cues to all the string books and had just finished formatting the Double Bass and Cello parts in Engrave mode. When I attempted to change to the Viola part, the program crashed. I restarted several times and found it was only the three parts and full score galley view that weren’t working. I had added cues to all the string parts before doing the individual formatting without problems, though I did add a few to the cello part as I was working through it which I suppose may have contributed to some error I can’t now identify.

I did notice that VST Audio Engine isn’t shutting down, so I tried a number of things with that, but no change in the crashing issue. I sent a copy of the project to my 27" 2020 iMac to try it on 3.5 and the problem persists. I also tried creating a new viola player and copied the existing viola part into that line; same crashing issue, so it seems there must be something in the notations entry that is causing the issue. I’ll take a look at cutting down the project to those three parts so I can post that as well. I’m on deadline, so I’m going to save what I’ve got as a new project and try removing the cues and some of the formatting in the cello part to see what happens. I do have a backup save from about 6 hours previous (I’ve learned that lesson the hard way) so it’s far from a disaster, but it would be nice at the very least to find out what is causing it so it can be avoided in the future.


Rob F

Welcome to the forum, Rob. It looks like you’re using Dorico 3.5 rather than Dorico 3, but you’re not running the most up-to-date version, 3.5.12. You can download the update here.

Hopefully you’ll find that resolves the issue, but if not, please let me know.

I’m having the exact same problem—I’m working on a large orchestra score, and whenever I try to open any of the string parts Dorico crashes. The wind, brass and percussion parts open without an issue. In my case, switching between Galley View and Page View for the full score is not triggering a crash. I updated to 3.5.12 and the latest e-licenser but the problem persists. It first started after adding cues to the project. I will try messing with the cues to see if that helps.

Update: I was able to isolate the problem. I deleted all of the cues from the string parts, and then they opened normally again. Then I started adding cues back in one by one to see which one caused the crashes. I added several cues from 1-voice instruments with no issue, but when I added a piano cue with two voices on a single staff, Dorico crashed again when opening the parts. As a workaround, I rewrote the piano part for the passage in question as one voice and created a new cue. It’s necessary to maintain a separate file from the full score in order to do this (something I was doing already in any case).