Crashing like wildfire on Yosemite

Trying to decide if Cubase 8 is for me but the elements 7 trial keeps crashing more often than not :open_mouth: I can’t even reopen the test project I was working on… Corrupt. I can’t believe Cubase is this unstable! But there is no way to find out if 8 has the same problems… (no trial) I think I’ll pass on this one :cry:

You could have informed yourself about Cubase and Yosemite - Steinberg have regularly put out statements about the issues. This being the latest.

from the news feed: “The maintenance update for Cubase Elements 7 will be available this month”.

Gawd I hope this is soon…the continual crashes on Yosemite is just killing me. Not to mention the inability to resize my, now-gigantic, Mix Console.

Please notify me via email when this update is ready. I REALLY wish that Steinberg had notified me about the Yosemite compatibility problem.

I knew about the “no official support” for Yosemite except for 8.0 pro but I did not expect Cubase to be unworkable (at least to be able to get a feel for the software). Yosemite is 3 months old btw… With pre-release time for developers added to that timeframe things are a bit slow here, especially if there is an unworkable version out there (not very reassuring). And still no trial version… Bad PR… Sorry folks.

There was a perfectly workable version, but if you disregard the warning and upgrade OS anyway there’s no reason to complain IMO. And Apple can put out new updates as they wish, but soft- and hardware makers can’t be expected to drop everything they are working on, just to fix systems broken by a new OS.

True. But OS 10.10 public beta came out five months ago. And it’s not like Yosemite Fall release was a big surprise either.

Obviously you guys have been working hard to get C8 ready to go, but as a loyal Cubase customer, I feel like it’s been at the expense of of proper mac OS support. I mean, no 7.5 mac update until February 2015? Really? Really???