Crashing Mac Book Pro M2

I had to reset my MacBook Pro and reinstalled all apps and data, I now find that Dorico 5 Pro is not functioning properly, it crashes. Kindly advise me on how to resolve the issue. Thanks a lot in advance please
Dorico (394.2 KB)

There are no crashes in the diagnostics you’ve attached. Is Dorico in fact hanging rather than crashing? Can you say any more about what is happening, and under what circumstances?

In the diagnostics is only one HANG file, and it looks like the VSTAudioEngine has a modal dialog open. If a modal dialog is open, that makes the main thread of the audio engine hang and therefore no communication to Dorico is possible and Dorico itself also is hanging and waiting for an answer.
So please have look behind the Dorico window for a hidden dialog.

Thanks Daniel, it is crashing as per me because after hanging for a while D5 totally disappears from the screen and the normal crash error msg of reopen/ quit comes

Thanks Ulf, I understand what you described, and I think that’s the issue. Thank you so much.

I wish I knew how to decipher diagnostics as well as you people do.

:smiley: I wish I could read scores as fluently as you most likely can do :wink: