Crashing on Mac (Was: how to report a...)

Hi, so I have installed Cubase 11 Pro on it’s first day of release and already had couple of crashes. Cubase App would just disappear off screen and anything saved is gone. Running MBP 15" 2014 without discrete GPU on Mojave patched to latest so all supported.
Cubase 10 Pro never crashed on me. One thing I found is when moving selected audio from audio editor to new track it crashes.

I have crash reports but I wont upload them publicly here as they’re private, what’s the procedure for sending bug reports to Steinberg? I’m in Ireland but created account when I was in Croatia so support page moves me to local distributer. I don’t need support, I just want to be able to report bug.

A bug I’ve come across here is that the folder icon is missing to import my previous keycommands