Crashing on startup in 64 bit mode

I have been using Cubase 6.5 on Mac OX 10.6.8 without any glitches up to now - very stable program. But for some reason, if I am starting in 64 bit mode, it now crashes every time on startup - on reaching ‘VST Plug Manager Bundle’. This doesn’t happen in 32 bit mode. I have tried disabling the VST plugins folder, but the problem continues. I have tried reinstalling elicence centre and also the Cubase program. No luck. Trashing the preferences has no effect, either. I have tried booting my Mac in safe mode (without login items), and the same thing happens.

Recent things I have done prior to this: updating PLAY software and updating ‘Gobbler’, the file manager. But when I disable both, the same problem continues.

Any pointers and suggestions would be very gratefully received.

I am on Cubase

… can anyone help me with this??? :unamused:

I have exactly the same problem after have updated PLAY (East&West Plugin) to 4.0.12 version from 3.x
Cubase 6.5 & 7 were stable until that.

Hi Cosmoscosmos

I fixed the problem by uninstalling PLAY 4 (with the PLAY uninstaller) and reinstalling an earlier version. I’m going to wait for a more stable version of PLAY 4!