Crashing When Adding Instrument to Player

Apologies if a thread on this exists, although I couldn’t find one.

I imported an existing multi-movement piece for brass quintet into Dorico via Music XML. I imported each movement into a flow of its own. The trumpets switch back and forth between Eb, C, Bb, and Piccolo trumpets in movements (never in the middle of a movement). When the files were imported, the different trumpets were added as separate players, collecting together into parts the movements using the same trumpets. To take advantage of Dorico’s single-player/multi-instrument feature and create a single part for the trumpets, I attempted adding the different trumpets into one, using the “trumpet player” from the first movement as the base player and clicking “Add Instrument to Player” from the other trumpets in Setup mode. I have also tried simply dragging and dropping. Each time I attempt the program immediately crashes. When that failed, I attempted creating a blank trumpet player as the base, and adding the different trumpet instruments to that player. Same result.

I am new to Dorico, so perhaps I am going about this the wrong way, but it seems the “Add Instrument to Player” feature is unable to handle this situation. Any help would be appreciated.

You are quite right that Dorico doesn’t currently handle this case properly: it assumes that each player will be assigned to each flow, and it throws a wobbler if they aren’t. If you make sure that the players holding the other trumpets are temporarily assigned to all flows, then you should be able to move their instruments to your combined trumpet player, then delete the remaining empty-handed player. Sorry about this problem, which is on our list to fix as soon as we can.

Thank you for your quick response.

Understood. Many thanks, I did as you said and it worked fine. However, each movement displays the Player name, rather than the Instrument in hand. I am unable to find the token to show the Instrument being played rather than the Player. Does this exist?

For anyone reading this thread with the same problem, I meant to write Move Instrument to Player, not Add Instrument to Player in my original post. Additionally, I only needed to assign all the flows to the trumpet player of the first flow/movement, in order to move the other trumpets of various flows/movements to that player.

You can go back and edit both the text and subject line of your original message (pencil icon in upper right corner of the message) if you want to make your description and subject line easier to find for those who may stumble on your original situation in the future.

I’m afraid not at the moment, no. Sorry!