crashing when loading (solved)

omg not this again. I have a clean installed OS and cubase 8 wont load the project, although Cubase 6 DID load the project successfully for a while, but now it too will not open. Play says loading finsh. c’mon is this a spelling typo too? :open_mouth:

updating to windows 10 permanently destroyed my main OS disk so i rolled back to a clone and now my project wont open, but it did fine before. wtf?

and now im once again trying to figure out how after 11 attempts in a row that resulted in Cubase stackhash crash, it finally loaded in Cubase 6 on the 12th attempt.

An update to Play 4.3.1 claims to have fixed this. Seems to be working so far since updating.

“Fixed a bug where projects containing both Play and Spaces would crash on load”