Crashing when loading update Cubase 10.0.10

hi all

on Windows 7 64 bits
I Updated Cubase 10
then I tried launching Cubase 10.0.10 update the screen says "Loading GUI Resources… " and crash

yersterday , all run perfect with cubase 10 .0.0.
going back to 10.0.0

my eLCC is update
and the WIN7 is update with the patch

helps are welcome

hi im losing my mind … if my father wants to make music with cubase he will have a big surprise installing it becuz iv been worknig with computers since i wad 10 y, never in my life i had so manny issues with a program instal…

i have the same problem with mine … and cubase elements was working fine before i updated … it crash 1 sec after i launch the program … tried the upotade windows 7 package sujested in other topics and also have the gtx 960 invidia gpu and dont have that option about selecting wich program should be run by it, so it must the new update…also reinstalled windows 7 for cubase 10 … so much work for nothing, my desktop is a mess now … i ll be reinstalling allweek