crashing when opening

One of my older projects is crashing Cubase 9.5 when it opens. Could someone help me with the crash dump?

Oh sorry, I see what it is now. Apparently the old project, created in c7 has a set up in Preferences that’s creating a problem.

Under the MIDI/MIDI File area (when opening it in C7), it is for some reason set up as a destination for “Halion Sonic”. Is there any way to prevent from having to go into each old project (opening my old C7 program) and changing the Destination to “MIDI Tracks” so that it opens ok in C9.5?

never mind… it’s crashing again. have no idea why.

What a joy this is, to work on this all day long… any thoughts???

ok. I pinpointed the problem. Any old C7 project that has custom “User Symbols” in the Score Editor causes a error. Is there any way (other than going in with C7 and finding and deleting all the random User Symbols that I made in the past) to stop this error from happening?