Crashing when soloing/unsoloing tracks

As the title states, whenever I solo/unsolo tracks in this project, I get the “a serious error has occurred” message. I’ve tried an uninstall and reinstall, as well as deleting my %appdata%/cubase 10_64 folder to clear preferences.

This only happens on one project, and I’m not too sure what else could be the issue.

Also can’t seem to attach the .dmp file to this thread, says its too large of a file.

Hi and welcome to the dorm,

I’m sorry for your experience. Unfortunately Cubase 10.0 is very old, so we will not be able to resolve the DMP file.

You can use WinDbg to resolve at least the basic, to know, if the crash is in Cubase or in any plug-in.

If it’s in Cubase, you can try to rename/remove your Cubase preferences folder to get the factory settings.