crashing when too many vst's samples loaded (plenty of RAM!)


I just upgraded my PC from 12 to 24 gb RAM. All works fine, except that when I’m loading large ammounts of samples and vst’s (more than I’ve ever loaded at opnce before) I’m finding the project likely to crash, or more commonly, when I exit and try to reload, it will crash on loading. I’m using cubase 5.5, i7 processor, 64bit, windows ultimate.

Are there known problems with cubase 5.5 in this respect?

Main question is though, will I see this problem gone if I upgrade to cubase 7? i.e. is it more stable, better able to handler large projects and large amounts of samples loaded into memory, many instance of various VST’s loaded?

What bitdepth is Cubase?

64 bit - so are all the plugins I’m using.

However, since writing the last post, I’ve noticed one plugin that might have a particular problem is Ivory (ivory 1, 64bit) - if I attempt to load this into a large project (though one with plenty of free memory) it crashes cubase the instant I select the VST to load - before even loading any more samples. Into the same project I could load a much larger instrument with no problems. This could be a red herring, or maybe it is just Ivory somehow causing this?

Anyway, am going to continue working minus Ivory see if this problem really is connected to that VST.

Would still be great to know if cubase 7 has better code etc that might cure these glitches, eg does it better handle modern plugins and large RAm usage - it’d be nice to have it crash less than cubase 5 basically!