Crashing with Kontakt

I have instances of Kontakt using the Embertone ISS string library. It keeps crashing Dorico, but intermittently - altho 90 percent of the time. Dorico has become unusable for my string quartet projects.

Crash dump attached. Dorico 4.0.31, Windows 10. Kontakt 6.7.1.

Take the dump and delete post if it is taking up space or incorrectly posted here. But contacting Yamaha Australia in search of support is completely useless. (See the current topic in Cubase comdemning Yahama Australia.)

Dorico 4 AudioEngine 64bit 2022.5.1 14.22.dmp (919.9 KB)

Hi @Andro , it is certainly not wrong posting here since it is a crash in the Dorico audio engine. However, as the callstack in the debugger proved, it is actually Kontakt that is crashing and consequently also bringing the audio engine down. Therefore I’m asking you to get in touch with Native Instruments as only they can fix the issue. Please provide them the same dump file.

Thanks @Ulf will do.