Dorico has crashed 4-5 times today, and I’ve had to redo a bunch of stuff.

Both before and after I installed version 2.1 this afternoon.

It always does it when I do ctrl s to save, but then it doesn’t save.

So I started trying File-Save, but the same thing.

I’m gonna start saving every 2 measures.

I would check your memory and processor load while you are working. control alt delete Also are you sure your hard drive isn’t full?.. strange to crash on a save. That ram level is lowish for today. If you find even one full drive free up room on it i.e. cache problem? Check your drive for errors and run memtest if this is happening with any other program. I bet it is a hardware issue not a Dorico one frankly. Also Windows 10 … type into lower left window performance… and set to make windows faster. If you have a spin drive check it. This is out of the blue but believe me…how old is your power supply?

Can you go to the help menu and choose Create Diagnostic Report, which puts a file called on the desktop, and then attach it here. That contains any recent crash dumps and we can try to find out what’s causing it.

The diagnostic zip is too large it says

In that case you can email it to me at p dot walmsley at steinberg dot de. Please include a link to this forum post.

I have just updated to the newest version as of Sept 21 2018, and I’ve had 3 crashes today. Is there no auto-save? Lost alot of work transcribing.
Anyway, what can I do to help?
Im on Mac OS, new MacBook Pro, fully loaded, all the latest, and I have had no other apps running at the time of the crash.

Dear Aleos,
I’m on mac too and I experienced very few crashes. Nevertheless I invested in foreversave 2 and found it was worth the money;-)


Использую Windows 7.
Часто случаюся BSOD. В основном BSOD случаются после закрытия Dorico.
Minidumps и Dorico прилагаю к сообщению.


I’m using Windows 7.
Often the occasion of BSOD. Basically, BSOD happens after the closure of Dorico.
Minidumps and Dorico I attach to the message. (280 KB)
Dorico (280 KB)

I won’t be able to look at this until I’m back in the office next week, but one thing I can suggest: try downloading the WhoCrashed tool. If you get a Bsod then this suggests a problem with your drivers. Applications can’t cause a Bsod, only the OS or a driver. The whocrashed tool may give you more information which one.

Дело в том, что на одном и том же ноутбуке:
BSOD случаются на - Windows 7
Crashing случаются на - Windows 10

Но в обоих случаях проблемму провоцирует Dorico.


The fact is that on the same laptop:
BSODs happen on - Windows 7
Crashing happens on - Windows 10

But in both cases the problem is provoked by Dorico.

Strictly speaking, Dorico asks the OS to do something that the OS provides an API for. The OS asks the driver to do it. If there is a bug in the driver then that can cause the Bsod. Sometimes they can be caused by things like the hardware not getting enough power (especially for USB devices), or errors in memory chips. In my experience though, most bsods are caused by audio drivers and video drivers. Can you post the output of whocrashed?

I’ve had a look at these minidumps and they are all crashes at the OS/driver level. They are similar to the ones mentioned in this thread:

Some things to try:

  • run a memory test for a few hours
  • check your HDD with chkdsk /r /f for errors
  • check for driver updates for your soundcard and network/wifi drivers

At IWTA, you are saying that you are getting crashes on Win10 but no BSoDs. Are there any recent crash dump files on Win 10 under C:/Users//Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps?

Я установил более новую версию Win 10. Драйвера, на этот раз, установил через системную функцию автоматического поиска и установки драйверов. Несколько дней потестировал. Пока падений не обнаружено.


I installed a newer version of Win 10. The driver, this time, installed through the system function of automatic search and installation of drivers. I tested it for several days. So far no falls have been detected.

Ulf, I don’t know how to diagnose properly why Dorico is crashing. Just happened agin today, wit no other apps running other than the transcribing app ‘Capo’.
I know, it’s my fault, and should be saving every minute, but I lost a lot of work again. Would really like to get to the bottom of this. Can you suggest a Mac OS tool that can help me see what’s happening. Thanks.

Marc, thanks for the reply. I’ll take a look at foreversave. Cheers. I seem to be getting alot of crashes. And I’m pretty tidy with my drive, dont know why I’m getting punished here.

See message #3 above about how to create diagnostic reports to attach here.

Thank you.
Dorico (410 KB)

Thanks. I can see from the report that there were a couple of occasions on previous runs where Dorico hung rather than crashed (so it didn’t produce a crash log). It seemed to hang just as you pressed play. Unfortunately there’s not quite enough information yet to diagose further, because the audio engine saves the log files from the last 2 runs, but I can see that it hung on the previous run. What I would suggest is that the next time this happens to you:

  • Check to see if VSTAudioEngine2 is still running in Activity Monitor
  • If it is then follow the steps in Ulf’s post here to run spindump (this will tell us what the engine is doing at this point):
  • Quit the VSTAudioengine2 and Dorico processes (force Quit if required)
  • Start Dorico again and create the diagnostic report, as this should have the log files from the run that hung.

Which plugins are you using? Do you get the hang if the Capo application isn’t running?

thanks so much Paul, yes, I should’ve said, it didn’t actually ‘crash’, it hung, the infamous Mac OS spinning beachball. It’s done it a number of times. I once left it for aprox. an hour to see if anything changed before force quitting, but no. I use no plugins in Dorico, other than the Halion sampler when I create an instrument. Also, I can’t say for sure if it has hung while I was not using Capo, I am fairly sure it has, but I’m not 100% sure. I was going to try all your suggestions this morning, but Dorico will not even launch now! Very strange. The launch screen doesn’t even show up, and in the force quit window, it says ‘not responding’.
This is very weird, as last night, (10 hours ago) I was using Dorico, went to sleep, woke up this morning and began work and Dorico won’t launch. Nothing has changed in my system.
Any more suggestions?
Sorry for the trouble.


p.s.would someone mind giving me a quick run-through on how to do a clean uninstall? I haven’t tried this yet, but I suspect it will be the only way. Things aren’t looking good. But I would like to do It right. Hopefully getting rid of all the offending files.