Crazy bug in Cubase and Nuendo

Hello, noticed a really crazy bug in Nuendo (same in Cubase):
select a rest and go to Midi>Function> Legato. The result is, that all notes of the score will be extended

It’s not specific to the Score Editor, same result in the Key Editor:
when no note is selected, legato is applied to all notes (on the highlighted staff in the score, and no matter if a rest is selected or not).
This is not a bug in my opinion, but perhaps this behavior should be changed.

Isn’t it illogical that function is working on rests? Another rests fault is, that selecting quickly you can have involved a preceding rest to a melodic line when creating slurs. .This doesn’t cause any misbehavior in Cubase/ Nuendo, but exporting to mxml and opening in Dorico rge tesult is wild slur behavior over several systems in your score.

Isn’t it also illogical to use the legato function on a rest?
Since you can quickly undo such illogical function calls, I don’t see a big problem here.
Regardless of this, I would also like the functions, especially in the context menu, to be more clearly coordinated with the selected objects and illogical functions to be grayed out more consistently.
In this respect, I agree with @udo_agnesens

By working on sores very fast, especially the -for me- little boring slur editing it happens very, or better said to often, that I select a rest before the phrase I want to edit with a slur … and I cannot notice it, as the slur starts with the first note of the phrase. Exported mxml files cause the described effects in Dorico. When this is avoidable it saves lot of time.

I don’t understand Udo.
You want the preceding rest to be included in the legato phrase?

Pardon me, you’re right. I don’t want to include the rest , but by working very fast with mouse on karge scores it happens very often, that I track the mouse -occassionally- over a rest directly in front of the first note of a phrase. Ok, the color also of rest changes, to show me, it’s selected, but as I told before: working fast and for hours, I don’t realize it in that moment and I get these fault slurs by opening an mxml export in Dorico.

One question:
Do you draw slurs by hand?

No, I select a phrase by tracking over -first to last note- it with the mouse and pressing insert key (as given preset key in the key table)

This is the default behavior:


I am curious to find out how you are able to draw a slur over rests using this function.

When you now select the slur and have a look the start position: is it 2.3.1 or 2.3.2?

Oh you’re right! 2.3.1, confirmed in List Editor.
So it is drawn correctly in the Score Editor, but this should be a problem for exported XML as you mentioned.

Perhaps you should report this.

On a personal note, I never export my scores to another program, I think it’s madness. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I did so today to Dorico, as there is a lack in rest positioning in Cubase/Nuendo working with two or more voices in one system

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