Crazy Issue with Variaudio Harmony

I am sure I have something set wrong… but what?
Cubase 12 Pro.
I import a vocal wave file to a vocal track
I duplicate the vocal track and delay by 25ms
I select the duplicated track only and select Edit Variaudio with Snap Point Editing selected
I select all the notes detected and move them down a third (or whatever) which works.

Here’s the thing - the unselected original vocal track ALSO moves down a third so both tracks are in unison a third down ! Why?
What am I doing wrong?

a screenshot or better a video maybe will help…

there is a section on the upper right corner of variaudio editor where you can select what you are seeing and what you are editing.
maybe you have selected the edit all option without the show all option?

maybe you got both tracks in a folder grouped?

not sure many possible reasons

Ha ! Yes they were in a group track - my bad! Thanks!