Crazy keyboard

Keystrokes and modulations will randomly turn mute or solo on or off on any channel. Furthermore, the panorama is typically adjusted to 100 left, the volume to zero or wherever, playback is started or stopped, the current position jumps to another location. Why is it acting so stupid? Fresh installation, it works like this from the beginning, with any keyboard (not only the virtual one).

Could it be due to a plugin I carelessly installed? How can I check this?

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Do you use any Mackie Control or other Remote Device by any chance? Could you attach a screenshot of the Studio > Studio Setup window, please?

Hi, Martin,


… only one picture enabled for me… :slight_smile:

… and everything else is “reset” to defolt…


What is the MIDI Input of the JL Cooper CS-10? Do you own this hardware?

If you don’t own it, remove it. If you own it, set the MIDI Input to the given MIDI Port, not the All MIDI Inputs (what is probably the case on your side).

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I don’t know what it is, but I threw it out - and yes!! Looks like all is well!

You are a genius! Thank you very much! (I’ll take you on the team… :slight_smile: )