Crazy line tool in Play mode


In Play mode, I can’t create multi-lines, because Dorico automatically flattens the adjacent one (please see video). The only workaround is to leave some space between two segments. However, I think this is a bug.


I would characterise this as a limitation rather than a bug; you don’t seem to be able to have an automation item both ending and starting at the same rhythmic position. We’ll see about relaxing this limitation in future. I hope in practice you won’t actually find this creates a problem since the period where the same value is used for a moment will typically be very short in real terms.

Daniel, I agree that this is not a major issue. The gap is short, and maybe more “natural” than the immediate start of a new segment. It’s just different to the ordinary behaviour of this type of drawing tools, so maybe a merge between two overlapping automation points would be easier to understand. But it is not a priority.