Crazy metronome?

Guys, hello everyone. I have a really interesting question for you (I hope !!)
I wrote a piece in 6/8 and set the tempo track - obviously - with beats of 6/8 and metronomic speed 150!
Now within Cubase 10.0.20 EVERYTHING WORKS flawlessly (we could, in truth, discuss beat accents but, for the moment, leave this out) but as soon as I try to use an EXTERNAL metronome I find that, in reality, the 150 speed which beats the Cube turns out to be 100 over the others. I’ve tried both digital and analog metronomes! Can anyone explain why ??
Thanks to everyone in advance.
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Hey Alex! Welcome!

This is because Cubase only thinks in quarters. In your case, you may be counting 6/8 as (1-2-3) (4-5-6) but Cubase is counting (1-2)(3-4)(5-6). You have a dotted quarter as your beat, but Cubase has only one. Thus you have a 150 versus 100 tempo. (1,5 quarter vs 1 quarter).

Too kind, ggmanestraki, thanks for the reply and, please, forgive my english. But what happens with the metronome if my song starts with a 4/4, then has a 6/8, then a 2/4 and finally another 6/8 ???

Cubase will count (1)(2)(3)(4) (1-2)(3-4)(5-6) (1)(2) (1-2)(3-4)(5-6)

You don’t even want to know what Cubase counts in 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13/8…:rofl:

Generally, you can set up metronome patterns and change signatures just fine, but you must always keep in mind that Cubase only understands quarters for the M.M. value.

It’s unmusical and it gets on my nerves a bit but we can’t do something about it. Only calculate, and give Cubase the value in quarters.

Really kind and very very helpful for me your suggests. Thx a lot and have good End and better Start 2021 (sigh … fingers crossed… :frowning_face: )
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You too! :+1:t3:

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