Crazy, radical licensing idea!

Hi all,

I don’t want to be beating a dazed (but not yet dead horse) about the whole licensing issue…but hear me out.

Without giving away what might be viewed as a free second license to registered users, I think that most folks would feel that a Dorico “Lite” available as a small download from owners My Products page would be quite helpful for when one is away from their main work environment.

If there was a version that only let you use setup and write modes at the very least, no engraving…no printing…no exporting, no playing! It would act as a sketch pad in a way (sorry David Hearn :wink: ) until one had gotten back to “homebase”.

Yes, limited functionality, but without the hassle of transferring the license back and forth.

Just my 2 cents…

But you are.

I thought it was a deaf horse … %)

It sounds to me like bobletteross’s proposal deals nicely with both Steinberg’s reasonable concern not to be giving away multiple copies of Dorico for free as well as many users’ equally reasonable need to have Dorico on a less powerful mobile computer as well as a more powerful one at home. I know Steinberg is already well aware of this problem and may already be well along the road to another solution. However, depending on how far things have gone in that direction, the proposal might be worthy of serious consideration.