"CRC Mismatched" error when updating

I’m a new Cubase user and have just successfully installed Cubase Artist 6 (64 bit) licensed it, registered it, set it up and worked with it successfully. I now want to apply the 6.02 update, so I have downloaded the correct 6.02 update from the Steinberg site (for PC 32/64 bit), but when I try to start the install a box pops up indicating “CRC mismatched” and the install just hangs and nothing happens. I have turned off the User Account Control. Any idea what is causing this and how I can get the update to install?

You sure you got the artist update and not the full C6 one?

Well, the file is named “Cubase Artist 6.0.2 update.exe” (128 MB) and I downloaded it from the “Cubase Artist 6” update page, so, yes, I am hoping it’s the right file. :slight_smile: Cheers though.

This is a WAG, but try putting the install DVD in before running the update.

Thank you Mashedmitten for taking the time to reply. No, unfortunately inserting the install DVD didn’t work. However, I’ve now been successful. What I did was go to the ftp site and download the 6.01 update. It loaded as it should. I then updated to the very latest elicenser, downloaded the 6.02 update from the ftp site and…it worked. Not sure exactly why things went wrong in the beginning, but perhaps the file was corrupt OR the elicenser needed to be updated further OR 6.01 needed to go on first. Anyway, thanks again for your help. Cheers!