Cre_ _ _scen_ _ _do going bananas

Dear Dorico team,

Occationally, gradual dynamics with the contiuation type of cre_ _ scen _ _do sometimes extend beyond the page margins and sometimes beyond the edge of the page when they are split between different systems (see picture). When they do, they also can not be adjusted in Engrave mode via the handles, so there is not even a workaround (at least no obvious one other than choosing a different continuation type which we should not have to do).

All the best!

I tried to reproduce this several times, mostly by squishing things up as much as possible, but I couldn’t get it to run off the margin as you described. Can you pinpoint specific scenarios that cause it? I imagine that will help the team troubleshoot the issue.

In the example you posted, what percentage full is the system (note spacing in Engrave mode)?


@dankreider I have been fiddling around with some settings in order to find a pattern, but unfortunately I have not found anything yet. In the example, the first system is 99.5% full and the following system is 95.1% full.

Does the problem persist when you close and reopen the project? If so, it’d probably be best to post the project here or send it to the developers.

@fkretlow Yes, the problem persists. I will send my project when I get hold of my computer.

For future reference: I just received an answer from Daniel, and apparently it is connected to the suffix of the preceding dynamic marking; the length of the suffix will determine the offset to the right of the system. The bug will be added to their backlog and in the meanwhile, he suggest having the text of the suffix written into a staff text object instead (shift+x).