Cream into Cubase

Guys, can you please help me…. Im an early 90s chip toon artist form the old Amiga days,… My wife invested in a lots of hardware this Xmas to stop me working at home answering emails… Im gripped… Love everything and love being creative… However I downloaded Cream plug in to create Arpeggios.
However I have watched what YouTube videos and Im baffled… It’s a beginner issue.
I have got the plugs ins all setup, I can even bring up the Cream system, and create midi files, but no sound comes out… I’m obviously not connecting any synth to the cream via whatever route. This is the bit that I am misunderstanding… It’s probably real easy but I’m a simple guy, we only had 4 track with Octimed and protracker back in the day but loving this new spring of life.

Any advise guys on my mistakes would be truly appreciated. I have spent four days reading and the its not simple enough for me to grasp.


I assume you have already set up an Instrument Track with Cream on it.
Now you need another Instrument Track with an actual instrument on it, e.g Retrologue, because Cream only creates the arpeggiated midi notes but actually does not create any sound.
Then set, in this example, Retrologues Input Routing either via the Inspector Tab or via the Routing Rack in the Mixer to Cream.
Finally hit the Monitor Button on both tracks so you can hear live what you’re playing.

It’s a bit cumbersome to set up a midi vst-plugin, but once you get how it works it shoud be fine.
And, btw, you can also use Arpache 5 and Arpache SX as arps directly as Midi-Effects on an Instrument Track.

Thanks for your help, I tried your instructions but im missing something…sorry.
I selected cream in the inspector and added synth but no output. I selected monitors.
I’m missing something obvious…m

Added screenshots for the settings in the Inspector. Does this help?

thank you buddy, I got there in the end… appreciated :slight_smile:

excellent thank you