Create a 7/8 Click track

I am rather new to Cubase and I would like to create a click track in 7/8 of the form (dotted fourth-fourth-fourth)
I have tried three methods:
1 Metronome Set Up / Click Pattern. Whatever I tried with the 7/4 it remained in 4/4, and I didn’t find a way to activate a pattern.
2 Create a drum track manually and quantize. This would be fine, but I couldn’t find how to loop it, that is create for instance 4 bars and then having them looping indefinitely. Of course, looping this track ONLY, not the others.
3 Ideally I would prefer to create a Dorico score track with for instance 4 bars of 7/8 and then - again - having them looping.
Thanks for the help

Did you change the time sig?

Changing time signature on the tempo track you mean? Yes I tried that, but I could not succeed producing the (dotted fourth - forth- fourth ) pattern. Only a succession of 1/4 clicks.


Yes I suspected that. But I didn’t succeed activate it. So I shall try again and let you know. Many thanks for the help.

OK I found the trick. Create a signature track. Then find the little points after the metronome in the Transport Window. And there is the Show Count-In (well hidden) . Thank for the help

Please have a look at this manual entry.

Thanks for the precious help It’s solved now for the metronome click track.

However I am curious to know if my second and third option would work:
create a midi drum track or a score track of , say, 4 bars of this 7/8 pattern, and having this track only loop ???

If you are asking if this can be done in Cubase, yes.

Yes I was asking. Can you please tell me how.
THe Midi Drum Track?
And the Score TracK?

In the drum editor or key editor, yes- by activating Independent Track Loop,loop

Thank you so much Steve. I shall try that tomorrow and let you know.