Create a Blank/Empty Stave for Spacing

In Finale and Sibelius it is possible to add an invisible stave to a score as a method of getting consistent spacing between bracketed groups. This is useful in film scoring because it allows plenty of space between the strings and the rest of the score (bar numbers, system objects, etc., go above the strings section).

Is there a way to do this in Dorico? I am trying to port over my tried and true scoring templates from Finale and Sibelius, but this issue is stumping me.

See the attached images for examples. The blank stave comes below the S.A.T.B. section.

Hi Phillip, and welcome to the forum! This is really Finale-style thinking. Dorico by design doesn’t offer many ways to use things (such as staves) for other than their intended meaning in a score. For this case there are settings in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing. (Sibelius also has an engraving option for extra space for system objects.)

If I were doing it, I’d create a player (maybe a non-pitched player so there’s no key signature?), and put an invisible clef in. Would this do the trick?

In Finale you also have the “Add vertical space” feature:

Dorico doesn’t have anything like this. In Finale you can also very subtly group like instruments a touch closer together, add extra space above the strings, etc. I’ve been requesting some features like this for years and would love to see them eventually make their way into D5.

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As Mark says, increasing the Vertical Spacing between bracketed groups in Layout Options will do this.


Also, Dorico will create additional space to avoid collisions between the tempo marks and other system objects with the staff above.

While I agree that there’s room for improvement, adding a ‘no line’ staff is a ‘workaround’ in the absence of a feature – in any program.

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