Create a Button on the Track (to Show/Hid Automation)

I was wondering if there’s a way to customer the track panel - where the Mute, Solo, Read Write, Edit (Channel Settings), Setereo…etc.

I get rather tired of Right Clicking the mouse to bring up the menu to Show/Hide automation lanes. Is there a way to simply add a button to the track where the other are; to show /hide automation with a click instead of needing to bring up a menu?


No you can’t create a button. But there are keyboard shortcuts which do exactly this. Not at my PC at the moment, but just look in the key command window and you’ll be able to find them by searching.

If you are rather tired of right clicking to bring up menus, then in due time I think you probably get tired of more.

Then it’s time to step up to total customized buttons that achieve any cubase key command plus macros, plus integrating PLE & LE presets. Use the mouse for what works best. Leave your keyboard behind except for the most rudimentary actions.

I would suggest Metagrid. And you can use it on a very old iPad, so it’s not that expensive.

Yes the best is indeed to have a touch screen with buttons
I use the 14bit Midi Sherlock Plugin
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the problem
is that Karol obara’s 14bitMIDI site is waiting for a new version of the Plugin
so the link of the site works but no access to the Plugin

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