Create a chord progression from a single chord midi sequence from the Media Bay?

oK… not sure if I can word this correctly.
I have a pack in my media bay (Sequal Factory), and i found a single chord strumming. I dragged the sequence into cubase, and it created a midi track with an accoustic guitar.
I of course would like to expand that to a chord progression.
I dragged the midi event to a Chord Track and ‘Emaj’ was detected.
i have no idea what key i would need to complete my chord progression.
I being lazy, tried the lazy way… I duplicated the measure and moved those notes one semi-tone at a time and tried to find another chord which sounded good (which means, i found a chord in whatever the key might be). . but it didn’t work.
I suppose i need to research some music theory ? I don’t think you can just transpose notes up and down and hope you find the correct chords in that key. Probably as you create a progression from one chord, some of those notes may need to be flatted or sharped etc.
Maybe Cubase has a way to take a midi event and transpose it so it fits into a scale ?

Sometimes, i just just my scaler plugin and find a nice progression and import into Cubase and Bob;s your Uncle…
but a lot of midi files in the media bay have one chord, and i doubt anyone just drags the midi to a track and composes a song with only one chord.
does that make sense ?


Drag and drop the part to the Chord track. It will show you the Chord progression. Then you can add a new Chord event X and use the Chord Assistant to advice you the next chord.

not sure …

  1. that midi event in the media bay only has a single chord strummed. when i drop it onto the chord track, i only get one chord event. not a progression
  2. the chord assistant would be a little work. it is key based. so i load the chord (Emaj7) into the center , I cannot be sure that Emaj is the root of the pending progression. maybe it’s a chord within another key.
    and …. if i find a chord pad with a relevant chord , then the issue is that it has to end up with the same strumming style as the original chord has specific timings .


OK, I think I understand your use case now.

Yes, Cubase can offer the option to keep you in the given Scale, once the Scale has been defined (in the Chord Track; one Chord Event is enough for this).

In the Key Editor select the Show Pitches from Scale Assistant. In the Inspector, select the Use Chord Track > Chords & Scale) in the Scale Assistant tab, please.

See more details in the manual.

thanks so much. !!!
my use chord track is grayed out.
i have to read the manual carefully to find out why. !


Add the Chord Track and any valid Chord in to it, please.

ya. i just found that out. tried a few things. all the key and scale things are a bit confusing to me. i just read about where your key editor tells you which notes are in the scale.
I see i can use the chord pads/circle of 5ths to find other chords , but nothing i do allows me to match the STRUMMING PATTERN of the original midi part.
maybe Cubase 13 (or 95 ?) will have an option to drag a chord onto a track and a pop up will ask you if you want to match the timings of a midi part on the track. (so the new chord will have the same strumming)
sounds like i just have to go to my scaler vst. i hope the hell is works in Version 12 (although i still have 11 installed)


You can set this as the Quantise preset and then reuse it. Or you can set the track to follow the Chord Track.