Create a custom text (dingbat) font to use in the Score Editor

Has anyone had any success in creating a font that is compatible with Cubase? I’ve successfully created fonts with FontLab VI and Glyphs v2.6.6. that other notation software can use with no problems (like Finale, Microsoft Word, macOS Notes, etc). The Score Editor in Cubase simply won’t use the symbols in my font. In the Score Settings/Text I can select the otf or ttf, but when I type on my keyboard, it’s like I’m typing with a Times New Roman font or System font. Any clue why this happens?

Yes I have used Fontlab and FontForge without any problem. But it will probably not help you because I am on PC.

And don’t forget to post everything related to the Score Editor in the scoring subforum. :wink:


I wonder why on Windows fonts are properly made available in Cubase. Truth is, I haven’t updated yet to the latest version of macOS (Big Sur). Maybe I should give it a try…

I’ll be damned. I’ve solved it!!!
It turns out that Cubase on MAC is picky when it comes to font names.
Before exporting the font, I opened Font info, and on the first page (Names) I deleted the word “Regular” that was in the “Full Name” text field. Now the full name of the font is composed of only one word.

I think I’ve always posted in the right section of the Steinberg Forum, so I don’t see why you’re reminding me to be careful where I post. Before, there was a subforum called “Feature requests”. This is the forum where Csiszár Ferenc at Steinberg (Hungary), on Monday, February 17, 2020, said I should post if I want to make a request (regarding anything, including the Score Editor). I really care about being organized. So this is why I ask: because I want to know where I’ve made a mistake. Thank you.

Thank you very much @alin89c for caring. :slight_smile:

You posted in the Cubase section. When you compose your topic, just add the optional tag “scoring” to Cubase, that’s all.
But don’t worry if you post in the wrong place it will be moved by the moderators anyway.

On February 17 2020 the Scoring section in the forum did not yet exist. It was created a few days later!
Thus the Feature Requests section was the right place to post requests about anything.
Now, you are free to post your score requests in the FR section but I think you will have more audience and attention if you post them in the scoring subforum.

As you may know, score related topics in the general section of the Cubase forum are probably all Greek for most users there.

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