create a Jazz Chart

Hello -

Working on a jazz trio project where I wold like to make a typical jazz chart.

I thought I could take my piano part, create a new layout called Fake Chart and delete the lower staff of the piano line to leave just the melody and the chord changes. But that deletes it from the piano part as well, which I don’t want. I looked at custom layouts, but I can’t seem to find it.

Thanks all for your ever patient help.

Right click on the lower staff, Staff—Remove Staff. You should be able to simply delete the bass staff that way.

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In pure technical terms, you can’t do that.

However, there is a workaround if you don’t use ossias.

For your piano part, create an ossia below, cut/paste the music from your lower staf to the ossia, and remove the former (now middle) lower staff. Go to Engraving Options, and in the Staves>Ossias section, change the scale factor to 1. Make sure that your score and your piano part have the option to show ossias in the Staves and Systems section of Layout Options, and that your fake-book layout has it unchecked. Then, in Engrave Mode, select both staves and add a brace in your score and piano layout.

If I understood correctly, he doesn’t want to do that because it removes the staff in his piano part.

Thanks Dan - sorry I didn’t make myself clear.

I have a piano part that I would like to keep both Staves. In addition, I would like to make another “fake Book” chart and have just the melody line (from the Treble staff of the piano) and the chord charts. So maybe I need to duplicate the Piano player and make the changes to that part? If as you say, I delete the lower staff in a layout, it deletes it for the player in all the layouts.


… and of course you may also simply wish to copy the melody to an instrument that does not appear in the score but has its own layout. Then, it’s not "connected to the music, but it is a very simple solution

I think simply copying to another instrument is the practical approach to addressing this need.

Thanks - The Ossia workaround does work, but it is a lot of extra steps. I’ll copy to another instrument.

Thanks guys

To be perfectly honest, that’s what I would do!

Yup - Fairly painless procedure. Thanks again.