Create a live set with Cubase

Hello everyone, I apologize in advance because my question is going to be quite broad. I want to create a live electro set with cubase. To avoid going all over the place, I took 2 reference artists: Superpoze and Fred Again. Here are some videos that I would like to inspire to create my live.

What I want :

  • Play piano and guitar, play and run some samples, play some effects. I’m an instrumentalist, not a DJ, so I want to play with my instruments.
  • Have a soundtrack as a base and bring it to life with my instruments and some effects.

What I don’t want:

  • having to watch and play with my computer during the concert
  • use Ableton Live because I’m not comfortable with this DAW

My problem :
I really don’t know where to start in all this, I’m lost. How to create your live set, how to manage the transitions of songs, what audio quality for a live, which DAW to use (which DAW Superpoze and Fred Again uses by the way?), which equipment to use etc … There are a lot of tutorials on Ableton but not very much on other DAWs, so that discourages me quite a bit.

Do you know of any tutorials or complete training on this subject? to at least have a reference on which I could build my first live set and perfect it afterwards.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your advice.


Do you know VST Live?

Hi Martin, no I didn’t knew that, I check that, thanks you

VST Live will do all this and more.

Yes i seems to be an really god solution. Thx Phil

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Sure… i guess it possible. But sometimes I feel other DAWs are more geared to do something better than others. Lots of cover guys use Cantabile.