Create a VST Connect Mono Input channel?

I finally got everything working today. Success! Not easy, but I persevered.

From the (very helpful) VST Connect In Depth site : “You can get mono if you create a Mono VST Connect Input channel instead of the default stereo one. So you may go to Devices/VST Connections/Inputs, delete the VST Connect Input channel, create a new Mono Input Channel and insert the VST Connect plugin there.”

How do insert the VST Connect plugin on the mono channel? Can you have both a stereo and mono input channel to choose between?

You insert it just like any other plugin, I guess it’s under the ‘Network’ category.
You can not have two instances of VST Connect so no, you cannot have both stereo and mono at the same time.

Got it. Just takes me awhile. Thanks for all your help.