create a wavetable


It would be really nice if we could actually draw in our own wavetables (or am i overseeing something?)

the 2d wave display would be the perfect place for that.

Also, how can we manage making a wave like this?

(it is a square wave mixed with a “R” wave) - the whole sequence is an alternation of 4X R-wave, 4X square-wave)
(one cycle is one saw and one “R” wave)

  • Maybe some sort of synchronous wave form generator that can “layer” the wave where the original wave cannot “split” itself? - From the looks of it, the “R” wave would need 3 layers of wave generation to fire off a waveform that looks like that.


thanks n keep looking forward (or way back) :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, how can we manage making a wave like this?

Rewrite the laws of physics?

No matter how you mix or combine waveforms, the sum will always result in a forward moving linear waveform.

there are three seperate waveforms and generators, all moving forward.- the individual generators have the ability of muting parts of the waves with planck length precision.

The layers do not combine on the waveform level but in the audio domain… :wink:

Tell you what. Connect the final summed output of whatever you’re doing to an oscilloscope and send us back a picture of the composite waveform result. I promise you, you will never see a waveform like what you’ve drawn.

Can’t. Physically. Happen.

Perhaps sometime in the future when Time Flux Capacitors become a reality. But not with HALion in 2017.

I am pretty convinced that it can happen… lol:P

above, I outlined the concept for it… just add some tech/code genius and I’m pretty sure that it is possible (even without the optional halion flux capacitor addon (the flux capacitor addons pricing is too steep for me atm anyway…)

maybe it cannot be measured in a “conventional” way but would need 3 layered measurements (one for each layer)

Everything is a possibility in the age of quantum physics…

on another note, - pretty sure you know this, but its still pretty cool art :stuck_out_tongue: :
full planets:
#48: Basics of Lissajous Patterns on an Oscilloscope :
octopus curve:

I don’t think he understands how time works lol.

The concept of drawing a wavetable is a good idea. The wavetable you made is not a wavetable shape though is what he’s trying to tell you. It’s some sort of abstract line segment. A wavetable literally cannot look like that because it would have to be able to go back into time and space or some other sort of magic to be unheard and then reheard lol. It is literally impossible.