Create alternate layout for viewing/hiding Sustain Pedal

Still trying to make a new layout where one layout shows the sustain pedal line and one does not. Dan graciously guided me to the method for showing/hiding the pedal line and suggested that I use the “local” setting in Properties so that my changes would not extend to another layout. So I duplicated the “pedal Visible” layout and highlighted “Set local properties/Locally”. I then hid the pedal on the new layout and…the pedal line also disappeared on the old layout as well. Can someone please help me create two layouts, one with the pedal line visible, one with the pedal line invisible? I now know how to make the pedals invisible, just not how to restrict that property to a single layout.

I am also seeing that Pedal properties do not come up when I highlight “Show Local Only” Is this the problem? That Pedal lines are not editable locally?" If they are editable locally, why do no pedal settings appear if I select “Show Local Only”?

No need for a new thread @Manny_Mendelson. We will try and help you in the other one.

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Yes, @Manny_Mendelson, please don’t start new topics when you’ve already got an ongoing one covering the same issue. It’s really poor netiquette, as it will cause people to waste their time giving you the same advice in two different places. I’m closing this thread.

Here is a link to the other thread: