Create an accompaniment instrument from choir voices in Dorico

I’m currently using Dorico Elements 4 on W10. I’ve created a Dorico project containing a 4 voices choir sheet with lyrics. So I have a music sheet with 4 tracks : Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass.
I’d like to add an accompaniment track (organ) that contains those 4 tracks reunited, without manually insert each note again from scratch. I cannot copy the notes of the 4 tracks on the organ’s track.
How could I perform this in Dorico Elements 4 ? I didn’t find any solution in the Dorico manual.
Thanks for your support.

When you say you can’t copy the notes, what do you mean? Ie- how are you trying to copy?

To my knowledge, you should be able to simply select the soprano and alto parts simultaneously (filter deselect lyrics) and then use the “paste special ~ reduce” command and then repeat the process for T&B.

If that functionality is limited in elements, PM me your file and I can do this for you. It only takes a few seconds.

I just had a quick look on the Dorico website and I think it is limited. No pasting into voices and no reducing.

Oh boo.

Well, you should be able to at the very minimum paste soprano and tenor with the generic copy command, and then you’d only have to repeat your work for the alto and bass parts (assuming you’re using two-stave organ, and not three), but as I said, I’d be happy to help.

I’m about to head to church though.

It can be done quite easily using voices.

Change the Alto and Bass lines to a New voice. (Edit>Voices>Change Voice)
Copy each of the four lines to the accompaniment. You end up with 2 voices on each staff.
If you want to combine them into chords, just filter (Edit>Filter>Voices) for the bottom voice and change it back to what it was before.

Gere’s an illustration…

Janus means that you should change to A/B to down stem voices before copying to the accompaniment. Then they should copy as down stem voices and not conflict with the up stem voices.

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Do you have to separate the voices (rhythms being identical) if you paste while Chord Mode is on?

Not that I would not start with separate voices for safety’s sake.

You can paste with chord mode on, sure; I was just assuming he wanted double stems. I suppose it just depends on the piece.

If most of the rhythms are the same, then that would actually be a good route to go; then you could just go back to the places where the rhythms differ and press ‘v’ to change just those spots. Depending on the piece this could be quicker.

Thanks a lot Janus, Romanos and the others for your answers. The Janus’s solution is working perfectly.
Thanks again.