Create and name marker shortcut?

Is there a shortcut to create and name markers? In older versions of wavelab on a pc it was CTRL+INSERT. This inserted a marker at the cursor position and opened a dialog box where you could enter the name of the marker. I tried a trial version of Wavelab 9 Elements and this shortcut still worked (CTRL+INSERT) so, because of this and because I also needed the auto-split function, I bought the full version of Wavelab 9 (not elements) but this shortcut doesn’t work in the full version!
So, why does it work in the Elements version but not the full version? I use this shortcut a lot (3,000 markers a day sometimes!) so I really need this shortcut to work as it used to. Clicking on the INSERT menu, typing in the marker name and then selecting the type of marker is NOT an option for me, it needs to be a simple shortcut like in older versions of Wavelab and in Wavelab 9 Elements. Any ideas?

Just tested on 9.1 Pro, Ctrl + Insert works as you expect.
Please try again.

Hmm, thanks for the reply Philippe but in this thread - - you state that the “create and name marker” shortcut doesn’t exist any more and that you need to “type the marker name, then use a shortcut to create the marker.” so I’m a bit confused! Incidently, I am on Wavelab 9.0.0 not 9.1.0 but when I click on “check for updates” it takes me to the Wavelabe 8 update page -

However,this function does exist as “generate marker” but there is no ctrl+ins as a shortcut for it. In fact, ctrl+ins does nothing in v9.0.0 - maybe it was added in 9.1.0. I will manually find the wavelab 9 update page and give it a try.

It was added in 9.1, indeed.

This is a much welcomed restoration.

Thanks, PG.