Create arranger chains from arrager events play?

Hi , is there a way to save/record an arranger chain by using the arranger events played using a midi controller?
I did setup my akai MPX8 pads to launch some arranger events and i would like to compose on the fly, is there and option to save the performance?

Maybe via some sort of midi loopback?

i.e. record the performance from your hardware controller into a Cubase midi track. And to play back the performance, then route that track’s output via loopMIDI (on Windows; MacOS has something similar built-in) back into Cubase.

And how would i record a straight timeline performance if the arranger events go back and forth ?

Arrggg… you’re right - silly me - I hadn’t visualized the fact that there’s no straight timeline when you operate in that mode.

Sorry about that.

So other than using a second instance of Cubase (or other simple midi sequencer), I don’t know of a way to achieve what you want with current versions of Cubase.

No worries and welcome for the sugestion,
Unfortunatly Steinberg hasnt make it possible for us. Hopefuly in the future.

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