Create Arranger event from L/R indicators help?


Wondering if anyone has a useful tip for creating a new Arranger event using the L/R indicators, BUT, when there’s an existing larger event already spanning the L/R space.

Now, normally, I’d just double click the space, all fine and good. But when there’s already an event spanning the L/R loop then this only leaves a ‘one pixel gap’ between the top of the event and the bottom of the next track up in the project window. Double clicking is a nightmare for precision and it usually takes me 4-5 goes to get a new part.

So, any ideas?

The pencil too can create parts, but I need to audition first and then create the new arranger event…

I’m using L/R to practice short loops within a whole song, creating arranger events to repeat those loops a few times and then move to the next. A very efficient method of practising I’ve found. Of course, I’ve got the whole song in the Arranger as well, for full set practice too, so I’m always coming up with the problem of having to double click the 1 pixel gap.

I swear it used to be easier in Cb6 and even SX. Steinberg, perhaps you could put a button on the Inspector like the ‘create loop’ button on the marker track. With a KC of course pls :slight_smile: