create auto pan

Hello everyone
I have a helicopter sample and I would like it to go from left to right while going back to the left…without pressing the key again.
for the moment I manage to change the pan but I have to press the button again and the sample starts from zero which does not suit me
is it possible ?
Thanks for your help

Im not at Halion at the mo but is there a panning midi module you can control with an LFO in the matrix ? .
Menu :
Edit , Zone , choose the speaker symbol and click on pan and the module will pop up , right click to assign to the lfo . OR right click on the panner to assign to a QC to automate you your DAW

thank you for the answer
I want to do it without DAW
I would have imagined an automatic left-right effect… or else a possibility of recording the panorama over a few seconds
I will still look

Yes it’s possible