Create bar repeat region not working

I’m having some trouble with creating bar repeat regions. I created some in a part; then it suddenly stopped working and put in the repeats with lots of rests.
Any ideas most welcome.
Bar repeat problem (1.5 MB)

I think that’s because you used hidden tuplets to create the desired notation in those bars, but you had signposts hidden – so when you selected those bars and deleted the selection, the tuplet signposts weren’t included and therefore the tuplets still existed. You’ll see the same effect if you temporarily disable multi-bar rest consolidation before deleting the music in those bars.

Try again with tuplet signposts shown, so they can be included in the selection when you select those 4 bars, in order to delete the notes and then add the bar repeat.

Of course - thank you very much, Lillie. That worked perfectly :grinning:

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