Create Blank pages at beginning of score

I want to add to a score I finished, a few blank pages before the first flow.
So far, every time I create a new flow before the first on, it messes up my score.
I’ve also tried adding pages to the first flow, but it ends up at the end, instead of the beginning of the flow.
My goal is to add some pages where I can put logos, text, explanations, etc.
Hoping this makes sense, I’d appreciate advice on how to achieve what I want, for scores I’ve already finished.
Thank you,

There are two ways to do this. The simplest is to right click on the first page in the pages panel and insert a page. However, that creates a page override, which I don’t prefer. The better solution is to add a new master page, literally called “blank,” that has nothing on it. Then add a master page change on the first page to make that first page a blank one.

Here’s a crappy-quality GIF that should help.
nA9nidO.gif (900×570) (

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If you have moved staves around, adding a page at the start of the layout removes your staff spacing overrides. This is because staff spacing overrides are linked to a specific page, so if that page changes they also have to change. They are at least a bit more flexible now in 3.5 (and possibly also 3.1) about casting off changes, i.e. if the bar at the start of a system with staff spacing overrides changes, the override should now remain in more circumstances.

I believe page overrides and master page changes do get pushed back according to the number of pages you add, but that doesn’t work the other way (i.e. they don’t move forward if you remove a page near the start of the layout).

For adding a page with pre-score explanatory information and logos, creating custom master pages is probably the best way to go as Dan suggests - particularly if you want to recreate these pages in more than one layout, as you can apply the same master page to pages in multiple layouts, providing those layouts use the same master page set.

I tried the first part and did not get the same result as you did.
The blank page just doesn’t show up, like in your video.
I’m working with Dorico Pro 3.5.
Any idea why it might not be working for me?

Do you have any page overrides?

They would appear as red triangles:


If you do, right-click and remove them.

I checked and yes I did. That seems to solve the problem.
Thank you.