Create Chord Symbols replaces midi chords

How can I create Chord Symbols without this process removing the midi data from event I am extracting the chords from?

Perhaps you can provide the specific steps you are taking. It’s difficult to understand what’s happening from such a brief description.

Yes, I am selecting in the sequencer view a midi event which I have recorded with my midi controller. This midi event thus includes chords that I wish to analyze. I then proceed to click the Project tab, select Chord Track and Create Chord Symbols which for some reason erases the data in the recorded midi event. I have not fiddled with any selections that should make the midi channel with the original recording to follow the chord track.

So you’re saying you have a recorded midi part that you are looking at in the Project Window. And then you use the Pencil Tool to draw a chord on the Chord Track. When you do this the data inside the midi part is erased leaving it blank, but an empty midi part remains. I’m not sure what you mean by “Project tab.”

Initially I thought the track with the midi part was set to follow the chord track - but that would change not erase the midi data anyway. But you’re saying it isn’t. I’ve no idea what could be happening, it shouldn’t do that.

Just to clarify Raino’s question… is it deleting the source data, or just changing it?
I am indeed suspecting that the source MIDI track has “Follow Chord Track” enabled while performing this. It shouldn’t be (because Cubase will try to work “both ways”… i.e. create the chord symbols as expected, but then replace the source data with what it considers to be the correct notes for those symbols)